Boosting the generation of GxP documents, Posit and Shiny solutions for automated GxP compliant reports.

Explore how a global pharmaceutical company revolutionized their R Shiny apps for optimized data analytics and decision-making.

Unlocking Client Success:

Introducing Posit’s Package Manager

Posit's Package Manager streamlined package updates and installations, enhancing the development environment's agility.

3+ applications built and deployed in production

Over three custom, production-ready apps have been deployed, driving enhanced data analytics and business value.

Faster decision-making process with more accessible data

Improved data accessibility has enabled rapid, well-informed decision-making across the organization.

Automated reports for GxP environments

Automated reporting in GxP-compliant environments has ensured accuracy while drastically reducing manual errors.

Controled versioning, access and scalability with Connect

Connect has enhanced app performance and scalability while simplifying management, ensuring the production apps always generate only the most updated version according to regulation.

Efficient report pipeline

An automated reports pipeline has led to time savings and increased data accuracy, facilitating more effective strategy execution.

Client Objectives

Many large companies have vast amounts of data but limited time to process and present it for effective decision-making. This often results in bottlenecks and a disjointed process.

In this particular scenario, an employee had to gather data from multiple sources, consult emails, analyze results from excel and prepare a report. This led to a very long, ineffective process which could not be scaled up and was prone to human errors.

“[We needed assistance] with R Shiny Development and supplement talent shortage. We needed a world-class, Shiny application delivered in a fairly short amount of time.”

– Client’s Engineering Team

What Appsilon Identified

Explore the key areas we pinpointed for improvement, including R Shiny application optimization, the transition to Posit Connect, the need for Posit’s Package Manager, and deployment process enhancements.

New opportunities for R Shiny applications to solve issues

R Shiny applications presented a promising avenue for addressing existing challenges, but their full potential had yet to be realized. Identifying and implementing these opportunities became a central focus for enhancing data analytics.

Migration from Shiny Server to Posit Connect

The transition from Shiny Server to Posit Connect posed logistical and technical hurdles, requiring meticulous planning and execution. The migration was critical for achieving greater scalability and performance.

Need for Posit Package Manager

The absence of an efficient package management system hindered development workflows. The introduction of Posit's Package Manager became essential for streamlining updates and installations.

Improvements in the deployment process

The existing deployment process had inefficiencies that slowed down product releases and updates. Refining this process was crucial for accelerating time-to-market and improving operational agility.

Faster decision-making process with easier access to the data

Easier access to data has streamlined the decision-making process, allowing for quick, well-informed choices. This has eliminated bottlenecks associated with data retrieval and analysis, leading to more agile responses to market changes or research findings.

The impact is felt across all departments, from research and development to business strategy.

Automated reports for GxP environments (required by legal)

Automating reports in GxP-compliant environments not only satisfies legal requirements but also significantly reduces the risk of manual errors. This ensures a higher level of accuracy and integrity in data, which is critical for quality control and regulatory compliance.

The automation frees up personnel to focus on more complex tasks, thereby increasing overall productivity.

Over 3 applications have been built and deployed

The deployment of more than three custom applications has had a multiplicative effect on operational efficiency. Each application addresses specific challenges or bottlenecks, from data analytics to workflow management.

The result is a more streamlined operation that can adapt quickly to new challenges or opportunities, making the organization more competitive and responsive.

Impact on the Client: Improving Daily Operations

Our optimizations reduced a key Shiny app's load time to just 30 seconds, enabling quicker, more efficient decision-making for our client.

Through the integration of Posit Workbench and Posit Connect, we also enhanced data sharing and collaborative work across teams.

These improvements have had a tangible impact, particularly in the areas of drug discovery and gene-related research

Annual Product Reviews

The production managers used to spend up to 8 weeks creating a report, but now, the process has been automated and takes only a fraction of the time; it functions as an R Shiny app that works in real time.

The report, which summarizes incidents and batches produced, is now generated automatically as a Word+PDF document with 20+ PDF attachments.

Scope of the Project Delivered

Generate reports

Annual Product Review (APR)containing 31 sections

Type of Work Delivered

R Shiny


R Shiny Development

Monitoring User Adoption

We built a Shiny application to check if, and how people were using the R Shiny apps. The resulting data made it easier to convince the businesses of the value in investing in R Shiny and Posit products.

Review from the Client

“They had a good reputation based on our research. Their team seemed to build world-class Shiny applications that we’d be looking for. We went through the interview process with them and a few other companies. We liked what we heard with Appsilon, and decided to move forward.

The project was successful, and our team is highly impressed. Our customers are extremely delighted by the quality of the application as well.
The quality of their work is extremely good.

We were also impressed with the communication about what was being worked on as well as their integrity and honesty.”

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