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We Advance Technology to Preserve and Improve Life on Earth. We collaborate with scientists, organizations, and businesses to make a positive impact on the world.

Data for Good in Action
African Savannas
Mbaza AI: Computer Vision App
for Wildlife Conservation in Africa
Arctic Ocean
Monitoring The Arctic Ocean
with Machine Learning and Neural Networks
Forests of Europe
Visualizing the Future of European Forests with Climate Data Visualistion
Robust data analytics to assess management actions in the Pacific and to mitigate climate change impacts
Assessing the Wellbeing of the Antarctic Ecosystem by Counting Nests of Shags
Make an impact
Reach out to us to explore how data visualizations and AI can help you scale up your positive impact on the planet.

Change Makers Empowered by Data

We partner with organizations worldwide to develop high-impact climate change and biodiversity projects. We apply data analytics, interactive visualization, machine learning, and computer vision solutions for social good.

Combining our skills with the domain knowledge of our partner organizations we create innovations for positive impact.

Leveraging the power of data and analytics, we empower our partners to drive change and innovation for the social good.

What Our Clients Say
"Appsilon Data for Good initiative supports projects related to the most important threats to human life and biodiversity.

Our work showcased a novel way of science-business collaboration."

Marcin Dyderski

Prof., Institute of Dendrology Polish Academy of Sciences

"Thanks to Appsilon we now provide extensive data analytics at the fingertips of our island partners to determine the success or failures of management actions, and to mitigate climate change impacts to the extent possible.”

Peter Houk

Professor, University of Guam Marine Laboratory

Mbaza AI is rapidly reducing the time between data collection and analysis and is a valuable tool integrated into the standard biodiversity monitoring protocols used by the National Parks of Gabon.”

Robin Whytock

Co-Founder & CEO of okala

Driving Innovation in sustainability

At the forefront of environmental progress, our approach to sustainability marries cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly practices.

We're dedicated to innovating solutions that not only meet today's needs but also pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

Join us in our journey as we continuously challenge the status quo, driving change for a sustainable and brighter future.

Technology in service for climate change adaptation

Our mission is to transform climate challenges into actionable strategies, using technology as a catalyst for sustainable adaptation and long-term environmental health.

Applying data and AI in biodiversity conservation

Utilizing the power of data analytics and AI, we're pioneering new ways to preserve biodiversity, ensuring that every species has a fighting chance against environmental threats.

Using AI to fight pollution and plastic waste

At the intersection of AI and environmental stewardship, we're tackling pollution and plastic waste, deploying smart solutions for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Innovation in food tech and alternative protein transition

Revolutionizing the food industry, our innovative technologies are at the forefront of the alternative protein transition, offering sustainable and ethical food choices.

Driving the green energy transition

Accelerating the shift to sustainable energy, our initiatives are key drivers in the green energy transition, powering a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Data science for social good

Harnessing the potential of data science for social impact, we're addressing critical societal issues with solutions grounded in empirical data and human-centered design.

Why We do what we do
Our Purpose

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Advance technology to preserve
and improve life on Earth

We have a responsibility to make this world a better place. At Appsilon we do it through technology. We use our expertise in interactive data visualization, machine learning, and developing artificial intelligence solutions to make an impact.

We partner with domain experts to find innovative solutions. Working together we find ways to resolve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Data for Good in the Spotlight
From Hudson Bay, Canada to tropical Gabon, AI is helping to fight biodiversity loss
Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade: How AI has become the latest conservation tool
Five ways AI is saving wildlife – from counting chimps to locating whales
Caught On Camera:
How Data Can Preserve Biodiversity

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