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Custom approach
Explore your data with state of the art tools and techniques tailored to your process.
Process automation
Increase efficiency, accuracy, and agility in your daily operations with automation.
Cloud infrastructure
Boost the performance of your workflows utilizing cloud processing. Increase cross-team exchange and collaboration.
Computer Vision
Find the needle in the haystack, find all of them and never again mistake any straw for one. Detect hidden objects, segment areas, count occurrences.
Leverage your data
From microscopy imagery to remote sensing data, from images to compound tables, from inertial measurement data to motion capture recordings. Uncover what lies  underneath.
Repeat at scale
Automate repeatable tasks, to free up time for the creative tasks. At scale.
Seamless AI
Trained models available to your workflow through APIs, embedded directly in your workflows, applications or as custom scripts.
See the knowledge
Dive deep into the data or zoom out to see the wider picture with custom interactive visualizations. We custom fit to the way you and your team want to interact with data and models.
Discover the hidden gem
With domain knowledge in Life Sciences, we understand your pain points and goals, and address them through data-driven discoveries. Apply the latest advancements in AI to uncover more quicker.
Case Studies
Boosting Drug Discovery
Crystal Clear Vision identifies protein crystallization, speeding up drug discovery and lowering its cost.
Protecting African Wildlife
Camera trap image classification for protecting pristine wildlife in central african forests and savannas
Studying Arctic Ocean
Segmentation of lipid sacs of plankton using LOKI and binocular imagery to gauge the wellbeing of Arctic marine ecosystems
Monitoring the Antarctic
Bird nests detection in aerial drone footage for monitoring Antarctic terrestrial and marine ecosystems
Generating Human Motion
Generative AI methods harnessed to automate and speed up digital 3D worlds creation
Boston Medical Center
Uncovering surprising results, addressing and easing healthcare disparities among disadvantaged minorities.
Creating 3D Characters
Automated creation of 3D human-like characters from 2D sketches using deep learning for digital worlds enhancement.
Wind Farm Maintenance
Streamlined processing of large scale sensory data monitoring for wind turbine fault detection and failure prevention.
Place for your project
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What Customers Say
"The team was able to get up to speed with a very complex project quickly and make strategic and novel improvements."

Sarah Gasman

Senior Data Analyst, Boston Medical Center

"I can attest to exceptionally professional and effective workflow and great project management at Appsilon."

Grzegorz Jakacki

CTO, Lasy i Obywatele

"Their genuine curiosity and impressive ability to adapt to our needs were outstanding!"

Frederic Maps

Associate Professor, Université Laval

Their project management is great. They meet deadlines, and they’re very responsive and organized.

Piotr Kocel

CEO, Enginious

[Appsilon] is able to understand project needs and to develop innovative solutions that we had not previously envisioned.

Robin Whytock

Research Fellow, University of Stirling

"We were impressed with the professionalism of the team and their project management style."

Matt Lewis

CEO, Data Analytics Platform Provider

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