Code of Conduct

All people have the same human dignity and should be treated fair. They all deserve the same respect. People are free to do what they believe is good as long as this honors the freedom of others.

We act without enforcing or imposing our views or beliefs.We are the force of good. We do our best to materialize that. We act when something goes wrong. When we see wrongdoing we take our stand and speak up. We protect our values and culture.


Even if we are uncomfortable, we discuss difficult issues and we are open and transparent about them. We speak the truth. We use mature, non-violent communication.

We are kind. We act with empathy and attention. We support and take care of one another. We protect those in need as we can.We see value in diversity and we strive for it and encourage it.

People should not be differentiated for any reason other than the quality of the work they do. We act together, not alone. Everyone is invited.

The Workplace

Our workplace is a space for creativity, development, self-realization, and growth. We support each other in becoming the best version of ourselves. We respect science.

We understand that sometimes we are going to be wrong because of that. We see this as the best alternative. We crave the truth with open minds and hearts.

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