Impacting Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Empowering Planners with Business-Critical Shiny Apps

Discover how an international pharmaceutical company dramatically improved their data analytics and decision-making capabilities through optimized R Shiny app development, enabled by strategic collaboration with Appsilon.

Unlocking Client Success:

Securing Budgets Through Rapid App Development

Fast, successful development of R Shiny apps, allowing the client’s team to prove the business value of R Shiny to the stakeholders and secure a budget for more projects

Boosting R Shiny Adoption with User Monitoring Tools

Specialized application to track and analyze user adoption rates for R Shiny applications, enabling the client to understand usage patterns and strategically drive adoption.

Scaling Business Impact with 10+ Cross-Team R Shiny Apps

Development of over 10 R Shiny applications has empowered multiple teams within the client's organization, solving diverse challenges and catalyzing business efficiencies.

Digital ecosystem development

Custom build React and Python application that has 700+ active users

What we were asked for

The engagement began with a Shiny Proof-of-Concept (PoC) application.

The fast, successful implementation of the PoC enabled the client’s team to prove the business value of R Shiny to their stakeholders, and secure the budget for more projects.

The client appreciated Appsilon’s ability to act and deliver fast, with a high level of understanding of their business objectives.

A Promising Partnership and Long-Term Collaboration

Our partnership with the company began in 2020 and has continued to grow, leading to multiple successful projects and making them one of our largest clients.

Final product

Our customer wanted to develop a large, complex application for many users, serving different departments.We used R Shiny for the PoC, and when it proved to be useful, we developed it again, from scratch, in Python and React.

This solution has a high level of scalability and meets the client’s future needs. It connects different technologies, applications and dashboards to make the work of the planners in the Supply Chain Team more effective.  We added seamless interoperability between R and Python to allow embedding valuable Shiny applications in the platform, which boosted the usage of R and Shiny within the company. Currently it is being used by over 700 users.

On top of the main application, we are developing many R Shiny applications serving various teams or inter-team projects.

Type of Work Delivered

From R Shiny and Python development to infrastructure and project management, our comprehensive services have been instrumental in solving immediate issues and positioning the client for long-term success.

R Shiny Development

Our tailored solutions have empowered multiple teams within the client's organization, addressing specific challenges and enabling data-driven decision-making. The result is a more agile, efficient operation that can adapt quickly to emerging business needs.

R Shiny Consulting

Consultations have helped identify gaps, streamline existing processes, and formulate strategies for future development. These insights have been invaluable for the client, enabling them to make informed, impactful decisions with confidence.

Infrastructure Consulting

From advising on scalable architecture to implementing best practices for security and performance, our expertise has addressed bottlenecks and paved the way for operational excellence.

React Development

Custom-built React applications have brought about enhanced user experiences and interactive UIs, addressing specific frontend challenges that the client faced

Python Development

Through custom Python scripts and applications, we've automated workflows, optimized data analytics, and fortified security measures.

Project Management

Structured approach to project planning, execution, and oversight has ensured that all deliverables meet the client's specifications and are completed within agreed timelines. This meticulous management has been key to the client's ability to meet their own milestones and achieve their strategic objectives.

Development of the central app in Python and React

This pivotal application has served as the backbone for the client's operations, streamlining workflows and enhancing user interfaces. Its development was critical in resolving pre-existing inefficiencies and has been a linchpin in the client's ongoing digital transformation."

10+ R Shiny apps developed

These applications have been transformative, empowering various departments with data-driven insights and automating manual processes. This extensive suite of apps has been central to solving a range of challenges and has significantly elevated the client's operational efficiency.

Application for monitoring user adoption

This tool has been invaluable in gathering actionable insights into how end-users interact with the apps, enabling the client to make data-driven improvements and strategies.

Scope of the Project Delivered

Annual Product Reviews

Showcasing how Posit products support their goal of building transparent, accessible, and performant data science products

Our scripts enable quick and effortless Posit product(s) installation in just minutes

Reusable templates make it easy to create R Shiny solutions for widespread internal adoption

We train and support data scientists in developing and deploying R Shiny applications

The amount of Posit product users increased

We simplify cross-team use of Posit products

How Our Work Influences Posit Adoption

We deployed an app to measure the adoption of R Shiny apps. Thanks to this, data scientists can prove that the apps are used, and have an impact on the business.
Ultimately, this influences budget procurement for Posit products (and renewals).

Improving Shiny visibility, awareness, and workflows for deployment on Posit Connect. Ensuring R Shiny is well integrated with other technologies. Guiding new licensing for the client’s new entity.
Our apps became crucial for the customer and business critical for stakeholders. This led to a need for new Posit licensure.

Supporting Data Scientists to Secure a Budget for Posit Licenses

When our client decided to move part of the business to a new legal entity, they were analyzing the licenses they had to buy for continuity of the business. At first, the Posit licenses seemed too expensive for the stakeholders. Appsilon’s Delivery Manager sat with the client to enable communication and negotiation with Posit for a license fee.

Originally, the customer thought they would have to get a new license, similar in size and cost to the ones used by the main entity (a very large organization = very expensive licenses). Additionally, we encouraged them to continue using R Shiny because in the end, it was a more cost effective solution. R Shiny development is faster than Python and React, which in result means fewer costs for the same value delivered. Addressing the IT department’s requirements and securing their support was a significant challenge, but it allowed the business to take advantage of the benefits of Posit licensing and ultimately achieve their goals.

This produced a happy customer and kick-started a long-lasting relationship with the client and Posit. Our apps became crucial for the customer and business critical for stakeholders. This led to a need for new Posit licensure.

Review from the Client

“Hi Team, I was just on this training session this morning….WOW some fantastic work by the team in moving us to a digital ecosystem. THANK YOU TEAM!!!! I see this as a must attend training session so please ensure you’re available so everyone is up to speed on this tool.

This is a significant step forward for us in expanding our capabilities and data analytics for driving stronger customer service.”

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