ShinyConf 2024: A Sneak Peek into the Agenda

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ShinyConf 2024 is just around the corner (April 17-19), and it's shaping up to be an event you don’t want to miss! Held annually, ShinyConf brings together the brightest minds in R/Shiny developers and data science to share insights, innovations, and best practices.

Key Highlights

This year's conference boasts a remarkable lineup of keynote speakers, in-depth workshops, and comprehensive sessions that promise to enrich your knowledge and skills in using Shiny for data analysis and application development. 

A collage of ShinyConf 2024 speakers
ShinyConf 2024 Speakers

You can learn more about our speakers and their talks on ShinyConf’s website.

Agenda Overview

Our agenda covers various topics across four tracks (Shiny Innovation Hub, Shiny in Enterprise, Shiny in Life Sciences and Shiny for Good). You can learn more about the keynotes and view our full agenda.  

  • Day 1: Our agenda offers workshops tailored to different skill levels. Beginners can join Veerle Van Leemput's "Shiny 101: The Modular App Blueprint," while advanced users have the "Rhino Masterclass" with Kamil Żyła. Other notable sessions include "Shiny for Python" and the "Cypress Testing Masterclass," catering to a wide range of interests and expertise in the Shiny community.
  • Day 2: We continue the momentum with sessions focusing on the "Innovation Hub" track, which will spotlight the latest Shiny advancements through keynotes and talks, including insights from Shiny veterans Joe Cheng and Winston Chang from Posit. The "Shiny 4 Good" segment will showcase diverse applications of Shiny for social good, featuring inspiring talks and app showcases, illustrating the platform's versatility in addressing real-world problems.
  • Day 3: The spotlight will be on "Shiny in Life Science" and "Shiny in Enterprise." The day will feature keynotes on use cases of Shiny in Enterprise and Reproducible Data Science with webR and Shinylive. The enterprise segment will include talks from Appsilonians and keynotes that emphasize the application of Shiny in business environments. There will also be sessions like Becca Krouse's Breaking Barriers with Shiny: A Pharma Case Study, alongside showcases of Shiny applications in life sciences. 
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Beyond the regular agenda, ShinyConf 2024 offers unique networking events, panel discussions with industry leaders, and special sessions that facilitate collaboration and sharing among attendees.

What to Expect

You can look forward to gaining invaluable insights into Shiny's latest trends and advancements, enhancing your skills through practical workshops, and connecting with a vibrant community of like-minded professionals.

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See you at ShinyConf! 

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