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Transforming drug dose estimation processes to accelerate innovation and productivity for a biotech industry leader.

We engineered an R Shiny application that consolidates the drug dose estimation process into a single, efficient dashboard.
Japanese-owned biotech company operating in the UK, committed to turning scientific breakthroughs into transformative health solutions.
Technologies used:

What business problem
did we face?

The business is encumbered by a chaotic workflow due to the reliance on a disjointed combination of Excel files and R scripts for drug dose estimations. This lack of a unified system leads to inefficiencies, increased error margins, and hampers collaboration across research teams, severely impacting productivity and the pace of innovation.

The solution we

We engineered an R Shiny application that consolidates the drug dose estimation process into a single, efficient dashboard. This platform not only simplifies data integration from diverse sources—including multiple contractors and manual entries—but also validates and certifies all operations for accuracy and GxP compliance. Our solution is equipped with robust analysis tools for human dose prediction, allometric calculations, Monte Carlo simulations, and the capacity to handle tens of thousands of compounds for comprehensive analysis and prediction.

The application facilitates a data-intensive workflow with existing R libraries, leveraging their extensive functionality for a wide range of analytics and interactive visualizations. This enables stakeholders to collaboratively contribute to analyses, ensuring replicable results and facilitating smoother collaboration cycles. By providing a centralized, validated platform, we significantly reduced manual processes, expedited decision-making, and enhanced training and onboarding for new hires, markedly improving efficiency and innovation in the client's drug development endeavors.

The impact of our solution
and its ROI

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  • Reduction in Analysis Time: Streamlined the drug dose estimation, saving 100+ of hours in manual work, and accelerating the pace of research and development.
  • Increased Accuracy and Compliance: With built-in validation and GxP-compliant reporting features, the application ensured a higher degree of accuracy in dose predictions and regulatory adherence, reducing the risk of costly errors.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The unified dashboard facilitated real-time data sharing and collaboration among scientists, chemists, and external contractors, eliminating bottlenecks and fostering a culture of innovation.

There’s nothing they could’ve done better. We’re very happy with everything they delivered. They maintained high standards throughout. They constantly gathered and incorporated our feedback into the product.

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