Celebrating Growth: Appsilon in The Financial Times 1000

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We are proud to announce that Appsilon has been named one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies in The Financial Times 1000 for the second year in a row. This prestigious ranking highlights our remarkable revenue growth between 2020 and 2023, reflecting our team’s hard work, innovation, and commitment to excellence.

Since last year, Appsilon has continued to grow, broadening our client roster and further solidifying our position in the industry.

A Word from Our CEO, Filip Stachura

“This achievement reflects our collective hard work, innovative spirit, and the exceptional results we’ve achieved together. It’s a milestone that speaks to our team’s dedication and the impactful solutions we provide to our clients. Congratulations to our dedicated team, and thank you to our loyal customers, and partners for their continous trust and being a vital part of our journey.”

– Filip Stachura, CEO of Appsilon.

For a quick look into the data, try this R script:

url = 'https://www.ft.com/ft1000-2024'
frame = read_html(url) |>
         html_element(".o-table-scroll-wrapper table") |>
         html_table() |>
         dplyr::select(1:13) |>
         head(1000) |>

Our Team and Community Engagement

Appsilon prides itself on the environment we’ve structured around our teams, hiring kind, talented, and motivated individuals who share our values. This larger, skilled team has enabled us to undertake more quality projects, further driving our growth and success. We are active contributors to the open-source R and Shiny communities by developing numerous packages that make R Shiny apps more beautiful, dynamic, and secure.

We host the largest annual virtual event about all things R Shiny, the ShinyConf. This year, the event will take place on April 17-19 and offers a unique program with tracks like Shiny Innovation Hub, Shiny in Enterprise, Shiny in Life Sciences, and Shiny For Good, showcasing our commitment to fostering innovation and community within the R ecosystem.

About The Financial Times 1000

The Financial Times 1000, often abbreviated as FT1000, is an annual ranking published by the Financial Times that identifies Europe’s fastest-growing companies based on their revenue growth over a specified period, showcasing innovation, entrepreneurial success, and the driving forces behind the European economy.

Appsilon landed within the top 500 (#245) of the FT 1000 Europe list.

The full list of the companies recognized this year can be found on the Financial Times website.

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