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At Appsilon, we are committed to supporting the R community and empowering developers. We are thrilled to introduce our Hex Logo Design Contest—a great opportunity to enhance your R package with a unique, custom-designed hex logo!

If you're the creator of an R package that needs a visually appealing logo or if your current logo is outdated and needs a refresh, this contest is for you. We understand the importance of branding and visual identity, so we're offering free, custom hex logo designs for a selected package.

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Why Join the Hex Logo Design Contest?

Here are a few compelling reasons:

  1. Stand Out with Better Branding: A well-designed logo makes your package look more professional and attention-grabbing to new users.
  2. Get a Tailored High-Quality Design: Winners get a brand new hex logo custom-made for their package by our skilled designer, Hubert Hałun.
  3. Work Directly with the Designer: You'll have 1-2 sessions with Hubert to give feedback and request changes until the logo is perfect.
  4. Make Your Package Look Amazing: With a slick new logo, your package will look modern, polished and super appealing.

To enter the contest, fill out our submission form by May 31st and provide details about your R package, including its name, purpose, functionality, and links. Don't forget to briefly describe your desired design concept or any specific preferences for the logo.

It's important to note that only creators of R packages without an existing hex logo or those with a logo needing a makeover are eligible to apply, and each applicant can submit only one R package for consideration.

Sign Up for the Hex Contest Today!

Don't miss this opportunity to give your R package the visually appealing identity it deserves. Visit our contest page today, and let our designers work their magic!

Remember, a well-designed logo is not just an aesthetic enhancement; it's a powerful tool that can elevate your package's visibility, appeal, and credibility within the R community. 

Visit our contest page and submit your R package now!

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