Open Source Spotlight Recap: Tapyr (Deployment-Ready PyShiny Template)

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Following the release and an introductory blog post on Tapyr, our Shiny for Python framework, we recently hosted a Shiny Gathering to further explore its features and capabilities. 

Ready to simplify your PyShiny dashboard development? Learn how to get started with Tapyr in this introductory guide.

Here's a summary of the key points covered during the session, presented by Piotr Pasza Storożenko, the Innovation Lead at Appsilon and creator of Tapyr.

Session Overview

Pasza guided us through the Tapyr framework, emphasizing its goal to simplify the development of deployment-ready PyShiny applications. 

Here are the major takeaways:

Getting Started with Tapyr

  • Setup and Installation: Tapyr can be set up both locally and in the cloud. The session demonstrated creating a new repository from the Tapyr template and cloning it. The installation process involves using Poetry for dependency management and packaging in Python.
  • Running the Example App: Pasza showcased running the default Tapyr app using Poetry, highlighting the ease of installing necessary packages, activating the environment, and running the application. This example app illustrated Tapyr’s ability to create interactive, Shiny-like applications.
Need help getting started with Tapyr? Take a look at the documentation

Editing and Customizing the App

  • Customization: Modifying the UI components and server logic in Tapyr is straightforward. Pasza demonstrated how easily developers can customize the app to suit their needs, showcasing Tapyr’s flexibility.
  • Deployment: Tapyr is designed for efficient deployment. Developers can deploy their applications to platforms like Posit Connect using simple commands, ensuring their projects are shareable and accessible.

Testing with Tapyr

  • Robust Testing Capabilities: Tapyr supports both unit tests and end-to-end tests using Pytest and Playwright. This ensures the reliability and functionality of applications through comprehensive testing of individual components and overall user interactions.

Why Tapyr?

Tapyr stands out among other Python frameworks like Streamlit or Dash. Tapyr leverages Shiny’s reactive programming model, offering a balanced approach between ease of use and production readiness, making it an excellent choice for developing interactive web applications in Python.

Watch the Full Session

For a detailed walkthrough of Tapyr, including live demonstrations and further insights from Pasza, watch the full session on YouTube.

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